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Hotel teams create and assign more than 10K tasks daily


Tasks successfully done


Cleanings managed online


Photos & documents attached


Happy employees connected

Task management has never been so simple and fast 


Task manager is fully adapted for the hotel daily operations with a binding of tasks to locations and provides flexible customization for repetitive tasks 


Task Templates

Create tasks in a few clicks by using 600+ pre-filled templates and creating your own in accordance with your SOPs.

Scheduling & Repeating

Set up recurring tasks: choose the repeat period and the task creation time for any task.


Use digital checklists for scheduled tasks and daily operations

Automation rules

Apply automation rules for notification and escalation purposes tuned on certain events.

History & Comments

Specify the task within comments to the task, attach photos and files, and access the task history at any time.

Reports & Analytics

Keep data in one place, collect analytics, use reports, and make data-driven decisions.

Main features of the Task manager

Task manager is designed for line workers to create, assign, and resolve tasks immediately using an intuitive interface of the mobile App. 

How the Task manager works

Create and assign tasks in a few clicks

  • Create tasks with pre-filled 600+ templates

  • Assign tasks to the teams or selected employees

  • Add watcher who will receive all the notifications

  • Choose tags and set deadlines

Collaborate and track the progress

  • Receive notifications and change statuses

  • Comment, specify, and discuss tasks

  • Attach photos and files

Schedule tasks & set up the repeat period

  • Schedule the due dates for the tasks

  • Set the period for task creation (daily, weekly, monthly)

  • Set the creation time for each scheduled task

Automate the workflow and view reports

  • Set up task notifications 

  • Set up escalation and auto-assignment rules

  • View employees’ efficiency reports and task overview

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Replace the old-school tools today

Get 30 days of full access to all Premium features. Cancel anytime.

Guest requests management
Preventive maintenance process
Repetitive operations
Maintenance issues
Regular inspections

Every hotel can move to online and rebuild the main operations using Task manager very fast


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