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More than 15K documents are shared between departments monthly


Documents shared


Documents created


Users connected to the documents

Manage and share helpful operational documents instantly


Create, upload, and share memos, templates, and SOPs with all employees, including the line workers, by setting access to each file. Keep the files in one place and reach them at once.


Create & Upload documents

Use the built-in editor to create docs and notes in the App, copy-paste the prepared text, or upload files from your PC.

Flexible sharing options

Set visibility and the access level to the document by hotels, departments, and even selected employees to reach the involved employees only.

Tags & Search

Mark documents with tags to group files instead of multiple folders and simplify the search process.

Documents main features

Have joint storage for all employees with a diverse access level to each file and group files by tags instead of old-fashioned folders.

Create your document from scratch

  • Type the text of the document 

  • Set the formatting with the built-in editor

  • Assign tags and add links 

  • Copy-paste option is also available

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How the Documents works

Have helpful documents in your pocket

  • Don’t be afraid you can forget some useful information

  • All the documents features are available in the mobile App

  • Access the documents from your smartphone anytime and anywhere

  • Mark VIP documents

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Share documents with your team

  • Set access and share documents with selected users, groups, and properties

  • Their documents section will be updated immediately with a new information

  • Create a link and add a reference to tasks and newsfeed

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Replace the old-school tools today

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Popular cases with Documents

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Property and corporate standards

Share new and updated SOPs with the employees and departments not only within one property but the hotel chain. Keep the latest version of SOPs in one place.

Knowledge delivery

Use all the Teamatix features: create, upload documents, and share them by a link with the involved employees in the newsfeed and/or in the task to assure delivery.

Access management

Forget the mess with access to the corporate shared folder to different levels of employees and set access to each document, including the line workers.

Infrequent situations

Sometimes we forget information and get unprepared for unusual situations. Have memos, templates, and SOPs in your smartphone to ensure the best performance.

Upload and manage files

  • Upload documents instantly and add descriptions

  • Create a unique structure of documents with tags

  • Set access to each document. Refuse old-fashioned folders

  • Search documents in a few clicks

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