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26K locations and areas were added to Teamatix


Locations created


Tasks assigned to Locations


Activities assigned to Locations

Keep all the property information in your pocket 


Don't waste time collecting data from different sources:

task and cleaning history, room status updates,

and guest info are in one place.


Location management

Create a unique hotel structure, including rooms, outlets, and utility and public areas.

Room integration with PMS

Integrate rooms with your PMS and have guest data and room statuses at your fingertips.

Custom locations

Create limitless locations for the back of the house, outlets, and utility and public areas.

Tasks by location and notification

Create tasks right from rooms and locations. Subscribe to room events and get notified.

Daily Statistics

Have a quick overview of the current location statuses, including repairs, DNDs, and much more.

Locations main features

You can manage operations and investigate reviews even more effectively using a location manager connected to your PMS system.

Upload rooms from your PMS

  • Integrate Teamatix with your PMS

  • Rooms will be created automatically

  • One-way and full integration with the most popular PMSs are available 

  • Upload guest info and update room statuses

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How it works

Create your locations and areas

  • Create a unique hotel structure

  • Add the back of the house, utility and public areas

  • Unlimited locations

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Collect the history by location

  • Assign tasks to your areas

  • Review room tasks, guest history, and status changes

  • Investigate negative reviews

  • Have the whole hotel at a glance

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Manage tasks and locations fluently

  • Available both on the web and in the mobile App

  • Create tasks right from rooms and locations

  • Subscribe to room events and get notified

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