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Newsfeed is very popular and has 40+ news and updates weekly per team


News posted


Leaved comments & reactions


Reduction in general emails

and group chats

Keep your hotel team up-to-date with your corporate Newsfeed


Send news and event announcements instantly and directly to every team or between your hotels within a chain, attach photos, add tags, and make comments. 

Reduce the email load and the flood in multiple group chats in messengers!


Photo & files attachment

Sometimes a picture is more than words. Feel free to attach photos and files to your posts to provide the complete information to your colleagues.

Flexible access settings

Set visibility of your posts by hotels, departments, and even selected employees to reach the involved employees only.

Comments & Reactions

Share your feedback and emotions using reactions and discussing news in the comments.

Newsfeed main features

Newsfeed is a corporate space for communication and a powerful tool for team collaboration and staff engagement via comments and reactions.

Create a new post in one step

  • Add the text of the post by typing or copy-paste from another source

  • Attach photos and files related to the post

  • Assign tags to group news by topics and for an easy search

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How the Newsfeed works

You can build an effective collaboration process and engage every team member by sharing important info with our powerful Newsfeed tool.

Set the visibility to your post

  • Share the content between your properties, departments, or selected users

  • Pick the required groups and users from the staff list

  • Multi-property post access is available for hotel chains.

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Discuss news online

  • All the selected users, groups, and properties will receive push-notifications

  • Their newsfeed will be updated immediately with a new information

  • They can comment on news and share reactions

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Replace the old-school tools today

Get 30 days of full access to all Premium features. Cancel anytime.


Popular cases with the Newsfeed

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Share the hotel rating updates, and quality results including guest reviews, industry highlights, and new and revised SOPs.


Announce meetings and corporate events, discuss upcoming celebrations, and share pictures and reactions to them from past events.

Lost & Found

Make a post with a description of an item lost by the guest, or share a picture if you found abandoned belongings, and access the post history to find info upon request.

Team updates

Introduce newcomers, highlight promotions and personal achievements, share birthday congratulations, and other private significant events.

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