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Paper sheets saved

Save your time with fully automated cleaning manager


Don't keep your guests waiting for the room to get ready, automate the cleaning process, and get rid of staff errors.


Cleaning rules

Set up cleaning time for each room and cleaning type and create rules for time-effective housekeeping.

Auto-assignment dashboard

Use cleaning rules and features to assign cleanings automatically. Save the option of manual editing of tasks.

Housekeeping online

Keep, track, and update tasks on your smartphone. Receive notifications on the room status change.

Guest data from PMS

Import reservation traces and comments from PMS and have all the necessary guest information at your fingertips.

Reports & Analytics

Have a clear understanding of the actual cleaning time by a housemaid, by room type, or by cleaning type in comparison with the standard.

Housekeeping main features

You can manage all the cleanings with one App connected to your PMS powered by automations

Set up your cleaning standards

  • Create locations manually or integrate Teamatix with your PMS

  • Add cleaning types relevant to your property

  • Define the time needed for each cleaning and room type

  • Add checklists to every cleaning type if needed

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How the Housekeeping works

Set up cleaning automation rules

  • Create multiple cleaning rules

  • Link each rule to the current room status (vacant/occupied, dirty/clean/inspected, and others)

  • Set up the recurrence and the sequence of cleaning types

  • Save your time in the future with the initial setup

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Assign cleanings in a few clicks without paper sheets

  • Choose housemaids and supervisors on duty

  • Set the priority of cleanings by guest status and/or by room type

  • The cleaning assignment is done! Tasks are delivered to the housemaids' smartphones

  • Make manual corrections by drag-and-drop if needed

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Manage cleanings containing all guest data in the App

  • View reservation traces, comments, and special guest requests in the App

  • Track and update statuses, create and re-assign tasks from your smartphone

  • Get notified about the new tasks

  • Receive automated notifications when the room status changes

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Replace the old-school tools today

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Inspect cleanings with digital checklists

  • Create checklists following your SOPs

  • Attach checklist to the cleaning type

  • Task can’t be completed until all the checkpoints are done

  • Create additional tasks immediately from the checklist

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Analyze reports and housekeeper's effectiveness

  • Have a quick overview of the current cleaning statuses for all locations

  • Get a deeper understanding of the cleaning process

  • Compare actual and standard cleaning time by a housemaid, room type, or cleaning type

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