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  • How can I try Teamatix?
    Oh! There is no easier task than this :) Just visit and sign-up for free trial without even entering your credit card details.
  • I have a small hotel, we don’t need Teamatix.
    If you have all the hotel departments: front office, housekeeping, maintenance at least with one person in each department, Teamatix makes sense!
  • Is this tool GDPR compliant?
    Absolutely! We respect your data privacy and process according to official rules and industry standards.
  • What is Teamatix?
    Teamatix is fast-growing cloud-based solution which helps hotels to increase their efficiency through digitalization of operational departments.
  • Employees will use their smartphones for the personal purposes during the working hours.
    Employees can use their smartphones for personal purposes anyway, but you can track their efficiency, time used for each task execution and compare it with the time by the standard. So, if the employee performs within the standard time, there is no reason to worry.
  • My hotel operates well without Teamatix.
    We have no doubts that you are a very efficient manager. Nevertheless we suggest you to try Teamatix. If you don’t see improvements and positive effects in the operations during the trial period you can refuse from the further collaboration with no penalties. And let us mention that there is no limit to perfection 😊
  • Which Datacenter can you deploy your service for me?
    As we use microservices and containerization to run Teamatix, you can deploy our service in any major platform - AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure.
  • If my PMS is not in the list of available for Teamatix?
    Then, we can just build the connection for you! Please reach our team at or - we do our best to investigate the situation and propose best solution for you to start dealing with Teamatix.
  • Can you replace my PMS?
    We don't have such ambitions to replace your PMS. Our strategy is to be complementary with your current property management solution.
  • We have no time resource to teach staff considering the employee turnover.
    Don’t worry! Teamatix is very easy to use. We provide educational videos for every basic function. Or we can arrange an online training for key employees.
  • I don’t have money to provide all the employees with modern gadgets.
    The employee may use their own telephones - all you need is to download the App! Available for iOS starting from Version 10.0, and Android from 5.1. Actual specification on the mobile devices is available by the link
  • It will take much time and problems with Teamatix setup.
    We provide a very fast and easy set-up: after you’ve created the hotel infrastructure and users, you can start using the App and accumulate statistics.



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