We bring transparency and automation to hotel operations

Use Teamatix service to get full control over your hotel operations and release important resources to focus more time and energy serving your best-ever guests.

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A robust set of features for excellent hotel operations

Effective tasks management

It is our core functionality! Create, assign, monitor and successfully resolve tasks as king! Get all tracking of any task at the moment or later on. Manage any escalations before it hits.

Housekeeping that Rocks!

Get rid of paper planning and manual cleanings assignment. Use Teamatix smart housekeeping module to save up to 60 minutes everyday for optimal planning and excellent staff utilization.

Be the King of Data!

Ride the wave of data-driven business. Get meaningful insights about the number of errors or escalations. Find the ways to optimize the business and increase customers satisfaction.

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Integrate with your 
PMS and Guest Service

Founder message

Dear clients and partners,

We are pleased to present you our new platform - Teamatix.
Our mission is to create an indispensable and useful tool for your worklife for each service team in the hospitality, Healthcare and Real Estate.

We invite you to join this journey and we promise to regularly delight you with new useful functionality and features.

Teamatix will make your work easier for you!


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I try Teamatix?

Oh! There is no easier task than this :) Just visit web.teamatix.io and sign-up for free trial without even entering your credit card details.

Can you replace my PMS?

We don't have such ambitions to replace your PMS. Our strategy is to be complementary with your current property management solution.

If my PMS is not in the list of available for Teamatix?

Definitely No! Please reach our team at sales@teamatix.io or support@teamatix.io - we do our best to investigate the situation and propose best solution for you to start dealing with Teamatix.

What is Teamatix?

Teamatix is fast-growing cloud-based solution which helps hotels to increase their efficiency through digitalization of operational departments.

Is this tool GDPR compliant?

Absolutely! We respect your data privacy and process according to official rules and industry standards.

Which Datacenter can you deploy your service for me?

As we use microservices and containerization to run Teamatix, you can deploy our service in any major platform - AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure.