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See what's inside

  • Powerful dashboards to see the workflow at a glance

  • Task notifications, escalations for overdue tasks

  • Remember everything by creating recurring tasks 

  • Create tasks in one click from pre-filled templates

  • Attach images and discuss tasks with comments

Smart task workflows

Teamatix software


Put your daily operations on digital rails

  • Find the ways to save money on operations

  • Optimize your workflows and procedures

  • Increase the engagement level of your team 





You can see all use cases here 


5 most popular use cases

You can manage most important cases online and reduce the human factor

"Excellent service for your best-ever guests"

  • Create a task in a few clicks

  • Assignee receives a notification

  • Negotiate within the task comments

  • Assignee accomplishes the task

  • Follow up on the guest’s satisfaction

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Guest request & Orders


Compliance with the standard 

operating procedures


Added positive guest reviews


Saved hours = Saved money

per hotel team monthly


Main benefits for the customers

Every team can start using us in a matter of 1 day

Register your account on the web

  • Just click "Sign Up"

  • Fill your credentials

  • Receive the approval letter

Invite your colleagues

  • Invite your colleagues via email

  • They register their own accounts

  • Then you can assign tasks to them, set visibility of news and documents

Start to manage tasks, docs, news

  • Manage tasks, cleanings, guest requests, and much more 

  • Use all basic features for free

  • Get the trial period for premium plans

How It Works

Step 1

Step 3

Step 2

Get results in 1 week

  • Measure work efficiency

  • Track errors in the processes 

  • Make right decisions

Continuous updates and new features delivery

100% accessibility and uptime last 6 months

Free training and instant online support 

Change your operations today

Get 30 days of full access to all Premium features. Cancel anytime.


Tasks successfully done


Cleanings managed online


Photos & documents attached


Happy employees connected


Using Teamatix via smartphones


Uptime last 6 months

Our numbers

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  • How can I try Teamatix?
    Oh! There is no easier task than this :) Just visit and sign-up for free trial without even entering your credit card details.
  • I have a small hotel, we don’t need Teamatix.
    If you have all the hotel departments: front office, housekeeping, maintenance at least with one person in each department, Teamatix makes sense!
  • Is this tool GDPR compliant?
    Absolutely! We respect your data privacy and process according to official rules and industry standards.
  • What is Teamatix?
    Teamatix is fast-growing cloud-based solution which helps hotels to increase their efficiency through digitalization of operational departments.
  • Employees will use their smartphones for the personal purposes during the working hours.
    Employees can use their smartphones for personal purposes anyway, but you can track their efficiency, time used for each task execution and compare it with the time by the standard. So, if the employee performs within the standard time, there is no reason to worry.
  • My hotel operates well without Teamatix.
    We have no doubts that you are a very efficient manager. Nevertheless we suggest you to try Teamatix. If you don’t see improvements and positive effects in the operations during the trial period you can refuse from the further collaboration with no penalties. And let us mention that there is no limit to perfection 😊
  • Which Datacenter can you deploy your service for me?
    As we use microservices and containerization to run Teamatix, you can deploy our service in any major platform - AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure.
  • If my PMS is not in the list of available for Teamatix?
    Then, we can just build the connection for you! Please reach our team at or - we do our best to investigate the situation and propose best solution for you to start dealing with Teamatix.
  • Can you replace my PMS?
    We don't have such ambitions to replace your PMS. Our strategy is to be complementary with your current property management solution.
  • We have no time resource to teach staff considering the employee turnover.
    Don’t worry! Teamatix is very easy to use. We provide educational videos for every basic function. Or we can arrange an online training for key employees.
  • I don’t have money to provide all the employees with modern gadgets.
    The employee may use their own telephones - all you need is to download the App! Available for iOS starting from Version 10.0, and Android from 5.1. Actual specification on the mobile devices is available by the link
  • It will take much time and problems with Teamatix setup.
    We provide a very fast and easy set-up: after you’ve created the hotel infrastructure and users, you can start using the App and accumulate statistics.


Hotel teams lack the time to set up solutions from a  scratch. All of them want ready-to-use solutions able to start today.






Why customers choose us

Top questions of our customers before start using us

1. Do I know all the ways to reduce my OPEX today?
2. Can I track the task execution and SOP compliance online?
3. Can I examine the employees’ workload at any time?
4. Can I know the TOP 5 tasks of my hotel instantly?
If NO answers?


What the customers are saying

Natalia Grineva  |  General Manager at Novotel | Ibis | Adagio

We get excellent reviews and an engaged team. 
By solving guest and operations issues, our team mentions that Teamatix is a very useful tool for sending and monitoring tasks, increasing communication between departments. All the tasks are fulfilled within deadlines due to brand standards.



Atilla Fulop  |  General Manager at Lotus Therme

Teamatix saves a lot of time for us 
Teamatix saves a lot of time for us in Lotus Therme. I know what exactly every employee is doing at the moment. I'm sure which rooms are available now and which room is going to be available next. I have all this information on the screen of my smartphone.


Sergey Voloschenko  |  Cluster IT Director at Silk-Road Samarkand

We've connected all hotels and teams together in one place 
Our goal was to bring all the hotels into one informational ecosystem. The Teamatix platform allowed us to do this. We've connected all hotels and teams together in one place to share tasks, documents, and important information. The best in class solution.



Alex Melesha  |  General Manager at Movenpick Resort & SPA

Team effectiveness has increased a lot
We started using Teamatix 3 months ago and already see positive results. The most involved departments are the front office, housekeeping, and engineering. With the help of the platform, team effectiveness has increased a lot.




The list of Industries

Hotels & Resorts

View All

You can manage all your teams online, including the Frontdesk, Housekeeping, Maintenance team within one platform integrated with PMS systems


View All

Management of Hospitals and Clinics can build maintenance and cleaning processes to manage wards, common and service areas at the highest level

Residence units

View All

Real Estate Management companies can build their operating workflows, manage customer issues and measure employee's effectiveness online

Malls & offices

View All

Management of Malls and Offices can increase the quality and transparency of service and provide a single place for employees collaboration


Room Service



Invite your teammates


Created for teams of all kinds

Connect your team on all levels, collaborate simultaneously, get live comments, assign custom roles & permissions, and share important info

Automate your workflows

Keep your team up-to-date

Share best practices

Check location's status

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