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  • Gleb Mikhailov

Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Fülöp Attila, General Manager

The General Manager of Lotus Terme Hotel&SPA Attila Fülöp told how Teamatix changed the work in his hotel.

Teamatix saves a lot of time for us in Lotus Therme. I know what exactly every employee is doing at the moment.

“I'm sure which rooms are available now and which room is going to be available next. I have all this information on the screen of my smartphone. ”

We don't need to use walkie-talkies or paper at the reception anymore, as well as visiting reception to get the news. I can see on-the-go the work that has been already done, tasks in progress now or the things that have not been done yet. Definitely, with Teamatix you get a new level of transparency and visibility on your internal operations.


Do you want to know how Teamatix can help your hotel?

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