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  • Gleb Mikhailov

Novotel Adagio Ibis Kievskaya

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Natalia Grineva, General Manager Natalia Grineva told how Teamatix helps Novotel to develop and maintain the highest standards of service day by day.

I want to share our experience with Teamatix.


Novotel Hotels team is very sensitive to the guests' needs. We understand that if guests are delighted with the service, they get happier and more loyal. So, we get excellent reviews and an engaged team. Teamatix helps us a lot with this.


Thanks to the friendly and comprehensible platform's interface, we are very quick in service. Guest requests are delivered at a high level. They just cannot get lost or be forgotten. Therefore, all tasks are executed within deadlines due to brand standards.


“Solving guest and operational issues, the hotel team states that Teamatix is a very useful tool for sending and monitoring tasks and improving communication between departments.”

Reports help us to analyze staff effectiveness and weaknesses in operations. The team spends less time on the routine and pays more attention to guests to exceed their expectations.


Do you want to know how Teamatix can help your hotel?

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