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How to become a star?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The answer only seems simple. Your guests should leave great reviews. Lots of great reviews. How to achieve this? This is possible if the guests are really satisfied with the service. In order for the requests of guests to be fulfilled quickly and accurately, the hotel needs a perfectly working task manager.

Teamatix has such a functional. And we also have some ideas on how to increase the rating of your hotel. Does the guest from room 308 urgently need a larger bathrobe? We know how to give a bathrobe cosmic acceleration. The lady from room 401 drinks only very hot coffee? With the Teamatix app, her coffee will definitely not have time to cool down on the way to the room.

What can happen to the guest's request after his call at the reception?

Let's imagine that the hotel does not use Teamatix and works in the old-school style.

! The message with the request was lost in the messenger or on paper ! The attendant/supervisor misheard the room number/request details

! The employee who was supposed to complete the task is busy with something else

! The supervisor forgot to check the execution of the task

! The maintenance staff has not given any feedback that they are unable to complete the task at the moment.

Unfortunately, our lady from room 401 runs the risk of getting iced-coffee or not getting it at all.

As a result, the task remains incomplete; the guest is not satisfied with the quality of service.

Now let's see how works with guest requests a hotel using Teamatix:

The guest asked to bring the necessary accessories to room (towels/slippers/shampoo/pillows/sparkling water/coffee, etc.) by calling the reception. 1. A receptionist immediately creates a task in a few clicks

A new task: by entering at least a title, and location, assigning it to the housekeeping department, setting up an execution time

A task by using a template: choose a template and enter the location

A priority flag is available.

2. All the housekeeping attendants receive a notification on this task.

3. An attendant nearest to the guest rooms takes the task by setting the In progress status.

If no one takes the task within the time preset in the rule (for example, 3 minutes), a supervisor receives the notification and takes the task by him-/herself or makes a manual assignment to the particular attendant.

If there are questions on the task, comments are available. All the task participants can see the comments and add a new one.

4. An attendant brings the amenity to the guest's room and sets the Done status to the task.

If the task is assigned but not executed in the time preset in the rule (for example, 5 minutes), a supervisor receives the notification to take measures.

If the amenity is unavailable, decline the task with the specifying comment.

5. A receptionist sees the task status update (Done or Declined) and can make a follow-up to the guest if everything is fine / contact the guest to negotiate.

The bathrobe of the right size was received by the guest in 3 minutes! This is 12 minutes short of the standard time for such a task. And the lady will enjoy hot coffee if the hotel staff use Teamatix.

Do you want to fulfill the requests of guests as quickly and without errors?

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