Get more information about our three core pillars and what features are in them.

Task Management

Effective tasks management

It is our core functionality! Create, assign, monitor and successfully resolve tasks as king! Get all tracking of any task at the moment or later on. Manage any escalations before it hits.

Create, execute and monitor tasks
Go productive with task templates
Automate recurring tasks
Don't miss deadlines with escalations
Housekeeping Management

Housekeeping that Rocks!

Get rid of paper planning and manual cleanings assignment. Use Teamatix smart housekeeping module to save up to 60 minutes everyday for optimal planning and excellent staff utilization.

Automated cleanings distribution
Cleaning standards measurment
Online monitoring of cleaning progress
Detailed cleaning reports
Reports & Analytics

Be the King of Data!

Ride the wave of data-driven business. Get meaningful insights about the number of errors or escalations. Find the ways to optimize the business and increase customers satisfaction.

Quick glance dashboard
Deep tasks analytics
Deep cleaning analytics
Personal and group timelines